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[ST] thanks

Just thought I would let you all know, that my friend up in Toronto
finally decided on the Kana-tuna 750 and picked it up today. Although
it is raining cats and dogs.

He got the new Katana 750 because it was OTD cheaper than anything
else worthy of choice, including a a 92 ZX11 with a few accessories.

As far as going down potential, I figure he should be okay, he has
a 34-36" inseam (FWIR) and is about 240lbs so he should be able to
control in low speed situations. IOW, if he f's up he should be
able to muscle it up, within limits of course. Must admit I had to
do that once or twice with the EX500 when I got it. Don't think
Scotty would have had the option of an EX500, he is a bit big for
it. Except for the ST, which he has yet to see, he has ridden every
bike I have owned, and it was quite the clown act to see him on
the EX500.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank everyone for their words of advice
and wisdom about the Skuzookie. If he falls in love with biking
1/2 as much as the gentle people on these lists I would imagine
that he will want to upgrade in a year or two. But by then he will
know a lot more about what his personal needs on 2 wheels are.

again thanks,

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