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Re: [ST] Another lurker surfaces

 > > I've clocked up ~400 miles so far (it rained a lot last week 
 > > / working in
 > > the US earlier this week) and can (just about) find neutral 
 > > from second, but
 > > not from first -- any ideas when I can expect this miracle to happen?

i have 3000 miles on my RS, and it's still easier to get to neutral
from second.  i can sometimes do it from first, but not always.

 > > Givi luggage systems -- I lost the thread of the earlier 
 > > posting on this --
 > > does the Givi fitting kit for the ST listed in the Triumph 
 > > accessories also
 > > fit an RS? 

that givi kit is for a topbox, not for side cases, but yes it fits an
RS (since the top rack is the same on both bikes.  for givi sidecases
you can order a (recently developed) wire-frame rack from givi (it's
on their website), or you can get adapters that allow you to put on a
wingrack from NZ: 

i couldn't find any other options when i was looking, nor could i
find racks for the RS from hepco-becker or krauser.

 > > Do you have to lower the pipe (does the ST kit for 
 > > this fit?).

the pipe on the RS cannot be lowered.  at least, i've not heard
of anyone doing it -- i'd imagine it would need a bunch of parts
from an ST to do so.

 > > Has anyone out there fitted the optional centre-stand? how 
 > > long does it take
 > > to get on and off -- like, is it feasable to convert from 

it's not hard to put on -- haven't taken mine off.  once it's on,
i'd suspect that the convenience of having it will preclude any
thoughts of removing it.  :-)  (that being said, it would probably
come off in 20 minutes.  it's stretching the spring that's the hard
part with centerstands.)

 paul fox, pgf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (arlington, ma, where it's 49.3 degrees)
 'oh-oh Sprint RS, '91 VX800, DoD #1462, AMA #545601

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