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[ST] RE. Oil pressure light - please help!

It was unseasonably hot...96 degrees...and I was riding home from work in
stop-and-go (roast-and-bake) traffic so was idling quite a bit too.  Bike
temp wasn't dangerously hot, but hotter than ususal.  

I'm going to check the connections to the sensor and see if it continues, if
so, to the dealer it goes.

Thanks, everyone, for the feedback!

- -Stephen

     How warm of a day was it when this occurred? Were you sitting at idle 
for a long period of time? What was the temperature gage reading? If it 
hasn't happened since I wouldn't be too concerned. The film strength of the 
oil is what gives the protection at very low pressures. Of course if it 
continues to happen I would visit my dealer to have it checked. I have had 
the same thing happen once recently on a 94 Deg. F. 
day but not since. >>

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