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Re: [ST] Prob: Vibration causing hands to go to sleep

I bought my pair of Olympia Gle Gloves from a Triumph dealer.  
Unfortunately, I lost them when I sold the R1 and need to re-order mine as 
well.  (In Homer Simpson voice)  DOH!!!

Here's some information flyers on the gloves:


Olympia's full catalog can be found at:


And here's where you can purchase them online:


Do I seem like a salesperson or what?!?!?

I got mine for $35, so look around, and I'm sure you can find some deals on 
them.  I'm ordering 2 pairs of them as soon as I finish this email!  I'm 
telling you, they helped me BIG TIME.

Hope this helps!

01' Sprint ST (Blue)

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>Subject: Re: [ST] Prob: Vibration causing hands to go to sleep
>Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 08:33:15 -0700
>what are the "Gel Gloves" you're talking about?
>   Where can they be purchased?
>'00 ST
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