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[ST] Prob: Vibration causing hands to go to sleep

I installed some Johar (Johan?) foam grips on my ST about 8 months ago and
they helped with my similar problem tremendously.  Because of the foam
padding, you lose just a little feel in the throttle response but unless
you're spending a lot of time on the track that shouldn't pose much of a
problem.  I don't use gel gloves as others have suggested so I don't know
if the combination of gel gloves and foam grips would cause you to lose too
much feel.  In any event, you can always reinstall the stock grips for
situations where precise feel is required.  (Blowing compressed air under
the grips makes them slip right off.  Nice trick I learned from the guys at
Motorcycle Mania.)  I got my grips at my local dealer (MM in Houston) and
they were only about $8-9 if I remember correctly.  Well worth it!

Brent Bailey
Houston, Texas
'00 Sapphire Blue ST

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