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Re: [ST] GPS Options - PDA with GPS Attachment?

Bill Findiesen wrote:

> Has anyone tried this combo? (PDA with GPS accessory) It would seem the best
> of both worlds.

I've thought about it, but discarded it pretty quickly for two reasons: 
1) I want to mount it securely in a clearly visible location, but I 
don't see a good motorcycle mount for a Palm; 2) The Palm isn't 
waterproof, or even water resistant. That's fine for a car, but not for 
a motorcycle.

I think the dedicated controls on a GPS receiver would be easier to 
operate than trying to use the touchscreen on a moving motorcycle, too.

Maybe you're just thinking of pulling it out of your tank bag (jacket, 
etc.) when you're pulled over/stopped and you need it? I could see the 
Palm work in that situation, but I'm really attracted to having a 
dynamic map and directional indicator visible at all times. Oh, and an 
accurate speedo, too. :-)

Now, if you want a sexy combo, take a look at the new Kyocera smartphone 
(cell phone + Palm combo). I love it!

- -- 
Blake "Dawgbert" Sobiloff <sobiloff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Burlingame, CA, USA

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