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Re: [ST] Re: ...fastpack

 > Our current frontrunner is the Suzy SV650 with a sport faring. Its GIVI'able
 > too for the occasional trip.

if it fits her, it's an excellent choice.   but it's definitely not
a small bike.  it can be lowered an inch or so relatively easily, and
sargent makes a seat for it that is lower as well, so it can be
made smaller.  (i'm a firm believer in small, light bikes as first
bikes, which is why i say this even without knowing how big the rider

it has a lot of power, but it's fairly tractable.  it's definitely
not a bike someone would outgrow quickly.

 paul fox, pgf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (arlington, ma, where it's 43.9 degrees)
 'oh-oh Sprint RS, '91 VX800, DoD #1462, AMA #545601

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