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RE: [ST] Re: ...fastpack

Previously, you (Neil  Tracey) wrote:
> We going to the dealer on Friday to have a look at all the different
> versions. Either way she will probably go for the suzy bottom faring as
> she's not a lover of bikini farings.
> When I had my original Sprint Sport with the bikini, we both decided we
> hated it, which is why I ended up with the ST.

A bikini doesn't give much protection against road rash but it would
look impressive on a 6 foot tall woman when she's sitting on a bike. 
Don't forget the full-face helmet.

Umm, err, I think I missed the point.  ;-)

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Bill "Bench Dawg" Flowers
Clearwater FL
'00 Sapphire Blue ST "Jewel"

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