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[ST] Wow

	Been in Albuquerque at a soccer tournament since last Wednesday night.
What a series of things on the digests sine I've been out.
	Lisa and Richard; well Richard now you've done it all. Dropped a bike
in flip flops, dropped on the road, and now parking! Remind me to stay
very far away from you:-) Sorry for the tip over and the damage from the
storm. Hope you both get it all right before the Rallye.
	Scott, nice to hear "it's my fault" but very sorry it happened. Gravity
must have been heavy in Texas while I was away! Scott, I'd take this
opportunity to get that new '01. Besides moving to a new '01 Sprint ST
is a reward. You did mean Triumph didn't you? Surely not another one of
those things:-)
	Seriously, I hope everybody recovers by Rallye time and glad no one was
	BTW, I've hurt the back again and hope it recovers by next week as
we're leaving next Thursday, June 07.
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Jack "Rude Dog" Hays
"I'll see you on the dark side of the moon"

He looked me right in the eyes
Direct and concise to remind me
To always do what's right

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