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Re: [ST] Lilleys

Hi Rob!

>I have not had a chance to get it out for top speed runs. I think it's 
>going to be better. With the 19 the best I could do on a relatively flat 
>road was 140 mph, 5th gear, 9000 rpm and it
>would not pull anymore. With this new gear I think it will
>pull to redline better in each gear.

Please fill us in when you try out the new sprocket.  Maybe I'll change mine 
now instead of waiting.

>Wheelies are fun, just twist the throttle around 4000 rpm in 1st or 2nd. 
>:-)  All around it seems to suit sport riding a little better. It pulls off 
>a stop better, it seemed to lug a little before.

Yes, I've tried to keep the bike at idle in traffic and I can hear the bike 
struggling to go slow in 1st.  It seems 19t is geared to tall.

>You do not have to shorten the chain, it barley changes the chain


Fill me in!  I'm almost ready to buy!  I just want to see how it affects 
your top end and RPMs.  How much was the sprocket BTW?  Was it a Triumph 

01' Sprint ST (Blue)
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