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Re: [ST] RE: Psycho-World's 10 Best

Well, okay then; I'll check in only, apparently, to check back out.

What I said about the suspension was that the RST's is very well developed
and that the ST's was not as well developed. If the ST's suspension were so
good, why are we talking about emulators and Ohilins shocks? FWIW, I
wouldn't change a thing on the Aprilia's suspension.

Let me ask you this: Have you seen one of these in the flesh? Have you spent
time on one? The reason I ask is that I had the same reaction as you. From
photos and limited exposure, I didn't like the bike's styling at all. Not a
bit. Then I rode it and, suddenly, those styling issues start to fade. This
bike is an amazingly good performer. (Incidentally, our bike was a very
early production model with production-spec engine tune and suspension
settings but, as mentioned, no bags.)

- --Marc (checking out, again)

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