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[ST] Rally Routes

"The ? is how much longer is the Taos route"

Longer than what? The Drone up 285. Don't even think about it on a M/C.
The staight bit between Alamosa and Salida will put you to sleep. I
won't even drive that in my 2002.
This might be included in Harl's local road .pdf but if it's not: Take
64/84 to Pagosa Springs. Then 160 (through Wolf Creek Pass, Oh Yah) to
South Fork, then 149 towards 50 then west to Montrose.  At the summit
before Creede, stop and look back down the Rio Grand Valley towards Sout
Fork. On a good day, one of THE most beautiful views in USA.
    BTW to anyone who hasn't been out here before a couple of notes.
During the summer, it rains almost every afternoon in the mountains.
Usually for just a few minutes, but at times it can be rather severe.
Once coming down WCP into Pagosa Springs I was pelted with dime size
hail. This stuff will collect in low spots in the road  usually in the
corners, Murphy's Law.  Also, because of the said rain storms, dirt and
sand somtimes get washed into the same low spots by the runoff. No
biggy,  just be aware and be safe. Have that rain gear handy, not down
in the bottom of your bag. The good news is that it usually lasts only a
few minutes and the reward is beautiful crisp clean air (Rocky Mountain
High) and if you're lucky a few rainbows.
    Have fun and be safe, there's been a lot of Gravity Storms latley. I
wish I could join you but after it looked good for a week or two, work
finally came in around my ears. Maybe next year.

'99 ST

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