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Re: [ST] My opinion about the Aprillia Futura


What?  Did you not look/ride a Duc ST4???  916 engine, lots of torque, great
suspension/fully adjustable, hard bags, riding position nearly duplicate of
the Trump ST, better resale value, excellent gauges.  The only down side is
the high price, terrible clutch pull and a little less torque in the mid

Don't get me wrong, I own an ST but the ST4 doesn't get the praise it

And while I'm on a rant - the Futura looks goofy!

Paul R. Wisner
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> They only other bike I am seriously considering right now is the Duc ST4s,
> but it is not imported into this county yet.  I was a big fan of the Duc
> ST2, test rode one before buying the Sprint ST.  Had the ST2 had a
stronger > engine, it would have been a real tough decision.  With the Duc
ST4s coming
> out in

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