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Re: [ST] Beware!

Eric Sheley wrote:
> At 03:39 PM 5/31/01 -0400, Johnson, David wrote:
> >Just returned from North Carolina after being nearly run over by some
> >idiot who crossed over the center line on a slow 15 mph hairpin turn on
> >Hwy. 28 south of Highlands, N.C..
> David - glad you are still with us. Happy to hear that you are relatively ok.

> >Insurance will cover most damage and replace my helmet and jacket as
> >well. For folks attending the TSRA rally coming up... BEWARE the idiots
> >that don't know how to drive in the mountains.
> Not just in the mountains... they are everywhere.

Again, Ditto!  We nearly had the same thing happen to us in Texas within
15 minutes after parting with Bird Dawg this past weekend.  Had we been
20 seconds earlier, I think the #&*@ and I would have met in my lane in
the middle of a corner!  


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