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[ST] hard starting woes

Hello all.  I have had hot starting problems since i bought my ST .  I have 
had it to the dealer twice for it, the last time just before my warranty 
expired.  I thought a new battery had cured it.  Sunday night, after a 450 
mile day, I stopped at a gas station at 9 pm to check my map as I was trying 
to enter Chicago the back way to avoid the 80-94 interstate construction.  
Just as the station closed for the night, I found my bike would not start.  
To make a long story short, I tried to jump it with a car (not running of 
course) and had finally found a tow truck (estimated bill of close to $500) 
when one last stab found it starting.  It took 45 minutes for it to cool 
enough to start.   This could have been a huge disaster as I had no idea 
where I really was, there were no street lights, and it was cold.  I called 
my dealer and put in a call to Jerry Parrish of triumph.  I feel  like it 
should be taken care of under warranty as I have tried and tried to have it 
fixed.  Any  information  would be greatly appreciated.  I have talked up 
these bike to anyone who would listed but if I get stranded one more time it 
will be history.  I got home at midnight with my composure greatly strained.  
A sports tourer should be reliable .  Any help or ideas would be greatly 
appreciated.  Every time it fails to start I am either in a really funky 
neighborhood or it is on the side of the expressway.    thanks  johnc

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