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Re: [ST] correct your speedo error !

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From: "JediDawg" <jedidawg@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [ST] correct your speedo error !

> Finally, a way to get an accurate speedometer! I haven't tried it
> yet.
> "Yellow Box" from Black Robotics:
> http://www.blackrobotics.com/desc.htm
> "Jedi Dawg"  Jim Huber

consider this folks -- as this website points out, any device such as this
that works external to the speedometer to compensate for inaccuracy, will
also affect the odometer calibration -- but the odometer of the Sprint is
already very accurate

the effect of the Yellow Box on our bikes would be to 'slow down' the
odometer -- some people would view this as an advantage, but personally I
like to use the odometer to help me navigate and to figure gas mileage

simple solution -- handlebar-mounted Sigma bicycle computer


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