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[ST] Intro; Re: K&N Air filter - Version 12 tune

Hello all,

A quick intro:  My name is Rick Wescott and I live near Portland, Oregon,
USA.  I've been (mostly) lurking on the list for the last year or so.  I was
an automotive tech for ~30 years, now semi-retired.

Until recently, I had helped out in the shop at Cascade Moto Classics, the
local Triumph/Moto Guzzi/MuZ/Laverda dealer.  Though this is literally a Mom
& Pop operation with an employee or two, they were seventh(!) in US Triumph
sales during the first half of 2001.  They enjoy tremendous customer support
and have a very active RAT chapter, TRAP, the Triumph Riders Assn. of
Portland.  There were 41 in attendence at the local first Saturday RAT
breakfast and that was with a group checking out suitable roads in the other
side of the state.

Prior to getting my blue '01 ST in July, I put 15k miles on my '99
Trophy/1200.  While I consider myself to be 'half-fast' at best,  I still
enjoy the ST's nimbleness and prefer back-roads riding.    I'm currently
researching handlebar conversions to get this abused body back into a more
upright, Trophy-like riding position.  The installed Gen Mar risers don't
even come close to my needs.  Since we've always been cat lovers, how about
'No Dawg' for a list name?

K&N Filter:
The question was if a new tune is required with a K&N.  The applicable tune
won't change but, in my experience, the K&N will reduce the idle CO level by
about 1.5 - 2%, so the CO should be readjusted to 3% after K&N installation
to prevent an excessively lean running condition.

Version 12 tune:
Last Saturday a dealership tech & I were discussing the new tunes.  He
related a conversation with Shel Barr(sp?), in Triumpn USA's tech-assist
dept.  Apparently there is some sort of a problem and tune 12 is not
recommended for the ST/RS at this time.  I wouldn't want to discount Dave's
sources and grant that this is second-hand information.  But anyone
contemplating a tune update might want to have the dealership tech speak
with Shel prior to prodeecing.

Rick in Oregon
'01 Sprint ST
No Dawg

> Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 08:07:08 -0400
> From: "Smoot, David" <david.smoot@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: [ST] K&N Air filter
> Thanks for the feedback folks, I'll be adding this one to the bike during
> the 24K mile service. Also received a tip from the service dept manager at
> Canyon Ridge Cycles: there is a ver.12 state of tune out for the ST with
> Triumph High Performance pipe (or any other aftermarket high flow pipe).
> told me that ever since Triumph canned Sagem's software folks the new
> software tunes they are releasing are getting "spot on". I verified this
> with a buddy who has a pretty strong inside position with Triumph, USA. He
> verified that this was indeed the case. They discovered that for the last
> year or two of Triumph's relationship with Sagem, the EFI folks were not
> making the specified changes that Triumph was asking for. Instead Sagem
> that they had a better "feel" for how to set up the power delivery curves
> for the bikes! Now that Triumph have taken this over, they are working
> way across the entire range of bikes to correct the issues for each model.
> guess we should be thankful for the TT600. It is the one that opened
> Triumph's eyes to what was going on.
> Later,
> Dave

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