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Re: [ST] Radiator Problem


Thank you for the encouragement, I will likely give it another chance. 
 However, if this would to have happened 100's of miles from home like I 
often travel the bike would have been history.  I checked the hose 
fitting last night, and it was fine.  In fact the part of the shaft 
where it attaches to the hose is dry, just wet where the shaft and 
radiator meet.  

Fortunately my dealer is about 5 miles from my house, and hopefully this 
can be sorted soon. Unfortunately they also see Kawasaki and Suzuki, and 
the 2002's are coming out.  I will let you know what the dealer finds 
out about the leak.  Thanks again for the reply.

Scott Johnson
01' ST BRG

Blake Sobiloff wrote:

> Scott Johnson wrote:
>> Am I wrong to expect a $10,000+ motorcycle to be more mechanically 
>> sound?
> Hang in there, Scott! Yes, it's very frustrating to have such an 
> expensive motorcycle let you down. The clutch cable thing was bad 
> parts from the supplier. Sometimes it happens in even the best machinery.
> As for the radiator leaking, however, that seems to be a pretty unique 
> problem. I know there were some problems with some of the 1999's 
> leaking near the top mounting brackets, but the radiators were refined 
> in 2000+ to fix the problem, and the fix seems to have worked. Are you 
> sure the hose fitting isn't just loose? (I guess it could be the 
> opposite problem, though -- maybe the hose fitting was tightened too 
> much, cracking the shaft.)

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