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Re: [ST] Benelli ?(was Grand Prix)

Well, I've had a look at a few Benelli sites now to see if I could spot what
it was.  Certainly not a Tornado Tre- you'd spot *that* if you were riding
behind it by the two fans at the back!  The exhaust sounded similar if the
tornadobenelli.com site is to be believed though.  The bike looked in good
condition, but it must have been one of the older models.  I haven't been
able to locate any shots of the older bikes from behind (most of the time I
was riding behind the bike).  If I find out what it was, I'll let you know.


>Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 11:34:31 +1000
>From: "Ashley Bennett" <spondon955@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: [ST] Benelli ?(was Grand Prix)

>I didn't think that the Tornado had been released yet, I hadn't heard of
>here in Australia.
>Spondon 955
>'95 Speed Triple

>> If it was a very new bike, then it was probably the Tornado 900 triple
>> (140Hp / 95Nm):
>> http://www.bikez.com/bike/index.php?bike=162
>> Tim

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