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Re: [ST] RS Huggers

At 08:40 PM 10/18/2001 +0100, Rob Allison wrote:
>Can anyone who has fitted the Triumph rear wheel hugger tell me if the chain
>guard being of a different
>looks ok. I want a hugger but this fact is putting me off. My nearest dealer
>is 60 miles away so I can't just nip out and have a look. Can anyone
>recommend any other hugger, the NWS looks good, but web site can be

It comes with a new chain guard which is almost identical to the original 
one, it only has two more holes on the upper border, where it bolts to the 

- -andrea

Andrea Matta <lampugrogu@xxxxxxxxx>
'00 Triumph Sprint RS - http://www.motosardi.org/SprintRS
'88 Aprilia ETX 350
Sardinia - Italy

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