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[ST] Re: Taunting again

Well, today I'm wearing a t-shirt, shorts and Tevas...but not riding
because I promised Middle Son we'd build an IR motion detector together.
He's currently recovering from his first ever soldering burn, so I get a
few minutes at the computer.

Later will ride over to Ken T's to put a pyrometer on Vixen's exhaust and
compare with his ST's to try and figure out why it seems so damn hot...

>There will be ten posts from West coast,
>southern, T-shirt & sandal wearin, sun tanned, sanctimonious 365 day/year
>ridin', fellow Sprint riders telling us just exactly how awful it really
>living where they do because of the traffic & smog & tourists etc. Not to
>mention the lenghts they have to go to prep their bikes for the
>know, getting out the non perf. gloves...uh..what else is
>finding the long lost snap-in liner for the jacket.
>Well...bring it on folks, we can take it. Just think what it would be like
>we all moved where you are. :)


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