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[ST] Opinions Wanted - call State Farm or not?

Hi All,

I had the misfortune of doing a low-side on my ST today while exiting out of 
my church's parking lot, and am undecided on whether or not to call State 
Farm or just eat the cost so it doesn't go on my record.

What I remember:
Was that up until the rear tire crossed the center line, it was as normal 
(not fast, normal lean for this type of turn) a left turn as I'd ever made 
out of the lot.  Next thing I remember was impacting the ground and rolling 
off to the grass.

What happened:
I was making a left turn out of a parking lot (a gravel lot, btw). The 
pavement was dry.  The only thing I can think of is that perhaps the rear 
tire caught one of those little reflector bumps that is used to divide the 
lanes of traffic in the middle of the road, and when the rear tire 
reconnected with the road it did so in a smooth, worn section of pavement 
(the center of the lane is very worn/smooth, unlike the sides) perhaps 
catching the tire outside of the wear patch, lost traction and went down on 
it's left side.  When I next saw the bike it had was turned 180 degrees and 
facing the oncoming traffic.

Damage I could see:
Left mirror - was bent and the boot is detached and scuffed.
Left handle bar - the end capped was ripped off, the grip end scraped, and 
the bar bent.
Left fork - the bottom is pretty badly scraped up.
Left pannier outer panel - very badly scraped.
Lower left body panel - badly cracked as well as scratched
Upper left body panel - scrached bad in one spot
Rear tire - the outer left edge is scrapped up.

It seems to be running fine otherwise and was able to ride the 15 miles home 
w/o incident.

I have comprehensive/collision with a $250 deductable.

Question 1:
Any ideas on what the cost would be to have this repaired w/o going through 

Question 2:
Would it be cheaper to just eat the cost from #1 above and not report it, or 
better to report it, pay my $250 deductable and just live with this going on 
my record and upping my rates?

Question 3:
Any other ideas/opinions on how best to proceed or in general would be 

Thanks :)

'01 BRG ST

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