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RE: [ST] Opinions Wanted - call State Farm or not?

Thanks Dan,

>Dirt on a cold tire and the pavement striping often gives me a bit of a 
>slip.  Add in a reflector bump and that might be enough to put you down

Ugh, totally forgot about the tires being cold.  Wish I had.

>Of course, if you have the money, expertise and the time, there is no 
>reason that you could not do the same for yourself.

Unfortunately I have none of the above in any meaningful quantity.  I think 
based on you're cost estimate, I'm leaning towards calling State Farm.

>Hope you get her shining again soon.  Glad you weren't injured.

Thanks.  Like many other posters, I give a lot of credit to having good 
gear, especially the Triumph jacket.  If it weren't for the padding on the 
back and left shoulder  - which where I impacted the road - I'm certain I'd 
be seeing a chiropractor.

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