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Re: [ST] Evil taunting

Hey Cameron,  It's all part of the fun of the list, I wasn't trying to be
negative or derogatory.  I expect to hear a bunch of posts from guys bummed out
by winter and another bunch of posts from guys where it's warm doing a little
good natured teasing.  All in fun.

By the way I have spent time in California and just about every state in the
union . There is good and bad about all of it.  Bottom line for anyone is the
best place in the world is home.

Congrats on the new addition to yours by the way

Steve Bergman

01 Sprint ST

- --- Cameron <camckay@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Steve,
> Hey if you don't like California or Californians, then just don't come here.
> No skin off our teeth. But, if you do decide to come here, you will be very
> surprised with the welcome you receive and the friendliness you get from
> just about everyone.

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