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Re: [ST] Paint Codes

Someone wrote...
> > That'd be cool to get our codes extracted for the
> faq...but I don't see a
> > tornado red in there.  Anyone know that specific
> code?

I don't think anyone knows the code.  

As I wrote before...

> The triumphnet site lists the ST "Tornado" red paint
> number as Dupont BEC2211.  Tower paint
> (http://www.towerpaint.com/index2.html) says this is
> not a valid Dupont number.

> Hmmm... but if you look farther down the chart, you
> see that other colors have "BEC..." numbers in the
> Triumph Part Number column.
> And Tornado Red in the table has Triumph part number
> CM, and Dupont # L2804.  ( 2-part Imron. Cannot put 
> into spray can)

I'm going to take my scratched saddle bag down to a
friend's autobody shop to get color matched.  I'll
post the results here.


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