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[ST] RE: st-digest V2002 #429

>Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 13:23:42 -0700
>From: "bare" <barenekd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: [ST] changing tires

>How would you all feel about having a non-Triumph dealer put your tires on
>for you?
>Before SoCal Triumph opened, I had the local Honda dealer do a lot of
>service work on my old S3, like oil changes. They also were the ones that
>got the front forks sealed after about 3 trips to the Triumph dealers
>yield much success. They changed tires that I bought at Chaparral. With
>SoCal Triumph, they do my tire changes with my Chaparral tires. I did get
>last set of BT012s from SoCal because they nearly matched the mail order
>places. Either place charges the same for changing tires with the wheels on
>the bike--$60 for the pair. And either will do it while I wait. Don't let
>Chaparral do the job, though. They suck at it.

I, too, cal SoCal "my" shop.  Their prices were within $10-15 of the best
prices I could find on the Internet, for just the tires.  Wheels-on-the-bike
installation charge, including static balancing was $65, which equals 1 hour
of labor.  For the slightly extra cost, I'd rather give them my business and
keep them in business.

Rich Marcus
'01 ST

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