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Re: [ST] Countershaft Sprocket [was: size of top box capacity in dimensions?]

"Apex Dawg" wrote:
> I have an OEM 17t sprocket. . . <snip>  I wanted to gear
> her down but not that much!

I just went from 43/18 to 43/17 and like the improved low speed
tractibility.  I never needed a 60mph 1st gear and pulling away
from a stop now requires little or no clutch slippage.

The change in 6th looks to be 1 mph per 1k rpm (or ~2mph per 1k
rpm from the 43/19).  Where 5k in 6th indicated 85mph before,
it's now 80mph.  Would I reinstall the 18t for a cross country
trip?  Perhaps.  I'll report on mpg after I have run a few tanks

- -Rick in (flaming) Oregon
'01 Sprint ST
"NO Dawg"

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