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[ST] ST hard bags under stress

 I overload mine terribly with some seriously fat
collage text books then I proceed to ride at
redicilous speeds to make it to school on time. I have
to say the hard bags take as much abuse as they
should. I have had the bags for almost 2 years and
have been giving them this treatment for a year and
there are no cracks anywhere. I do keep loosing the
cap screws in the inside that hold the latches on.

Is it possible that they were missinstalled by the
dealer? Do they slide on and off the bike smoothly and
easily? I am suggesting that stress cracks may be from
the mounting system holding it with some torsional
stress. Only a suggestion, Good luck getting it sorted

Tony Burke
00 ST (red)

I have been pulled over 4 times since I have had this
bike and I have yet to recieve a ticket, once I was
doing 3 digit speeds. no tickets, I am sure you all
realize its because I have choosen the RED model :)

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