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Re: [ST] Speedo's Off

"Scerri, Anthony" <ascerri@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I asked Triumph Australia about the error in their speedo's - and it
> that it is an intentional feature, as every other Trumpy that I come
> down here has the same sort of error - consistently 10% greater reading up
> to 90 Km/H, then a steady 10 kph over reading about 100 kph.  I checked
> speedo against my GPS, and it is very consistent.  You will probably find
> that it is part of the "politically correct" social engineering that seems
> to permeate our lives these days!

I remember once reading a SF story where cars became more and more extremely
styled to make it look like they were going fast, the speedometers where
tinkered with to make them read much, MUCH higher than actual, and IIRC even
sound effects were added to give the impression of speed.

Wish I could remember the title and author.

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Bill Flowers
Clearwater, FL

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