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[ST] Had a really bad day

You will see from my earlier post that I was having difficulties
starting the RS yesterday. After finally getting the bike running I
decided to take it out for a blast. I noticed then engine management
light was on just after setting off, but I assumed that was because I
had tried starting the bike without the tank earlier whilst checking for
a spark and that this would go out after several starts like it does
when you have run out of fuel.

Well I go to my favourite road and started having some fun and the bike
seemed great. Then as I tried to go down a gear I pulled the clutch in
and it felt like the cable snapped - a horrible feeling. But then I
realised it hadn't snapped as there was a little tension just before the
lever got to the bar.

I managed to limp to a petrol station down the road and had a look at
the bike. The cable was OK but really slack. I used the adjuster at the
lever to take out as much slack as I could and this enabled me to change
gear and got me home. I am assuming my clutch has gone. The bike has
only done 7500 miles. I am starting to wonder if I am riding it wrong,
the chain only lasted 6000 miles although I always adjust it according
to the manual and lube it regularly. I never had any problems with my
SV650S and am starting to think I should have kept it.

The nearest Triumph dealer is 40 miles away and I am hoping the clutch
will last long enough to get me there. Hopefully they can get me on the
road in time to go to Assen in September, but they are always very busy.

Is there anyway the bike not starting and the clutch going could be
related? I can't see how, but it is quite a coincidence. 

I am feeling really p****d off! 


Andrew Reynolds

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