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[ST] ST vs RS / sticky grips

G'day Everyone,
    I've just taken a mates RS for a ride, he rode my ST. I know the RS is
lighter than my ST but this felt much more nimble and quicker. Its a 2001
compared to my 99 model. Does the RS have the same 19 tooth counter sprocket
(mines got all the 00 updates including the cursed 19 t sprocket)? Just how
much lighter is the RS? Does the RS have a different fork angle? Or is it
just a case of the RS being Yellow? The one thing i missed was the ST
fairing which gives more protection for us larger people.
Sticky hand grips.......you've got to be kidding!!! I had a VF1000R once and
the grips went tacky from old age and had finger prints all over them, maybe
the grips on this bike should be checked.......after cleaning off the
liberal coating of Bulls**t.
Bill Wilkin
'99 ST   "Mary"
'53 DomiRacer  "Ruby"
'64 Blown 650SS  "Pig"

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