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[ST] (RS) Wolf Can Fitting

I recently purchased a Wolf Round Titanium can for my '01 
RS. I love the sound of the pipe and when we get the fuel 
map tweaked I expect a significant power increase.
However I am having a bit of a problem with the fitting. 
The connector pipe (or S pipe if you prefer) is made to 
such a tight tolerance it actually is up against the 
swingarm when the bike is not loaded with a rider. The 
pipe is also slightly splayed outwards from the bike 
rather than tucking in parallel as it should. 
Another RS owner here recently had a similar fit problem 
with a Wolf. I contacted Wolf to ask if it was possible 
they had sent  the wrong connector pipe but was told it 
was the only connector they made for the RS (it did arrive 
in a plastic bag marked "RS" FWIW).
 I hope to shoot a pic later today to upload and also to 
send to Wolf.
Anyone else have any fitment problems like this? If so how 
did you solve them? TIA

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