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It looks to me like your link pipe needs to be turned clockwise. This
will bring the silencer nearer the bike and increase the gap between the
link pipe and the swing arm. Also then the top of the silencer would be
more directly below the hanger necessitating a 'C' strap. I would give
Wolf a call; they should send you a 'C' strap for free. You could also
send them an E mail with a close up photo of the mounting from behind so
that they can see your issue.

It is not just Wolf that has these problems. I spent quite a while
helping a friend get an Art silencer installed on her Fazer. It was just
as tricky getting the silencer in the correct position.

Good luck


<orig>Robbie McClaran has uploaded the following file for you to view
<orig>Description :-
<orig>Tail View of the pipe (and bike) shows the Wolf can juts out from
the bike at an
<orig>angle. A proper fit would have the pipe tucked in much closer to
the bike.
<orig>URL :-

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