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[ST] Triumph in Hawaii

Hi there, dawgs.

Does anyone know whether it's posible to hire a Triumph on Maui? As far as I
can see, there are loads of places that hire Harleys, and I have heard tell
of one place that hires proper motorcycles instead.  The thing is, I'm
planning to ride up Haleakala (all 10,000 feet of it, to see sunrise) and
being a sentimental fool, I'd rather do it on a Triumph if possible.  That
way I'll get to post some photos on the site, and maybe even start a "how
high does yours go" competition!

I'll be there from 16/8 to 3/9, so will be off list meanwhiles.

Thanks in anticipation

Kevin Smith (Reservoir Dawg)
99 Sprint ST
London, UK

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