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RE: [ST] Triumph in Hawaii

Ditto the bike/van deal.  All you need to make it down safely is common 
sense (pay attention to the road and go slow) and the ability to ride a 
bike.  I just did the Haleakala bike tour in June.  It was a blast.  Keep in 
mind, that if you pick a guided tour down the mountain, you will only go as 
fast as the SLOWEST person (8-10 in group)and must stay in a single file 
line all the way down.  This means you don't get to stop and smell the 
flowers along the way (there is a restaurant half-way down where we 
stopped).  We did the unguided tour and were dropped off near the top with 
directions back to the bike shop and went off on our own.

I would highly recommend doing the unguided bike trip down.  As for 
motorcycles, I was looking motorcycles to rent on Oahu, Kuai'i, and Hawai'i, 
but I only saw Harley's with the exception of Oahu (Waikiki).

Finally, if you do decide to do the Haleakala bike trip (guided or not), be 
forewarned that it really can be dangerous.  On our trip down we passed a 
guided group that was pulled over to the side of the road.  A few minutes 
later we pulled over to take some pictures and heard approaching sirens.  
Later we saw an ambulance, fire truck, and several other emergency vehicles. 
  When we stopped for lunch a guy who was dropped off at the top with us 
stopped in the restaurant and told us that he had passed the same group a 
little farther down the road and that one of the guys in that group had lost 
control and went over the edge (lots of hard places to land on a volcano's 
slope).  That dude's vacation and life ended at the same time.  No joke.


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