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[ST] Re: wolfe can

I have the stainless round can on the ST, the strap
fits great, the quality of the can and all the bits is
great, I have had it on for a few thousand miles now
and Im delighted with it..... HOWEVER...

I did have to fabricate a small bracket from raw
Aluminum, this took about 10 min w/dremmel and
pheumatic die grinder. I also noticed that it does
point outward just a touch. I didnt even think about
it until someone mentioned it here, I use the bags
almost all the time so it is not a problem. I am still
very happy with it, especially for the money I spent
on it. Great sound and at a perfect volume. I noticed
it to be just a shade quieter than the 2 bros can on
another ST while doing the volcano riad this year. its
reasonably stealthy until I whack the throttle, but
has a decent tone under normal conditions also.

Tony Burke
00 ST

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