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Re: [ST] Dave's picture

There are two common picture formats available for most web browsers; 
jpeg and gif.

Photographs should be saved in the jpeg format and the file extension 
should be .jpg so that the browser knows what to do with it.

.bmp (bitmap) is a Windows format that isn't compressed and the file 
sizes are huge, plus unless configured by the user, most browsers 
don't know what to do with them and so you end up seeing the actual 
code displayed.

Jack, you need to save it as a jpeg, not as a bit map.

I'm guessing that Dave's file isn't really a jpeg, and simply 
renaming it with a  .jpg extension isn't enough.

>Dave, like me, your picture isn't viewable.
>I've tried the link to upload a picture three times in a year without
>Anybody know what us non-computer Dweebs are doing wrong?
>I sent a bitmap.

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