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[ST] Fairing Damage Revisited

Well it happened today, my bike finally went down.  A friend and I had 
traded bikes in the parking lot and were doing a slow speed evaluation of 
each others' bike when he lost his balance on a slow speed turn (1mph).  He 
laid the bike down (protecting most of the paint and extended hardware with 
his leg which was pinned under the bike.  Aside from a sore foot (courtesy 
of the foot-peg) and ankle, he was okay but the side fairing on the left 
side got scratched (not too badly but there's a small spot where the plastic 
split open a little).  On the bright side, some friends of mine had a pool 
going to see how long it would be before I dumped it (neither thought I 
would make it past 3 months - who's laughing now?  uh, oh yeah, I guess they 
are - oh well.)  : )

I read the archive and it seems that there are those that are of the opinion 
that a little touch-up will suffice, some think having a body shop fix it is 
better, and others say just replace the fairing and be done with it (brand 
new again).  Since I don't have any other scratches on it (and of course 
haven't planned to put any more on it), I'd like to get it to look like 
brand new again.

I didn't see any body work estimates in the archive and got some different 
prices for the fairing cost.  Does anyone have up to date prices on either 
(hourly rate for body work and how it turned out)?  Also, I assume that I 
can only get the fairing through the dealer, but if that's not the case, 
please let me know.  I'm going to call them tomorrow for a price.


Chris Warren
2001 Blue ST

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