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Re: [ST] my non-rallye, non-MC report

In a message dated 8/11/2002 11:57:51 AM Central Standard Time,
owner-st-digest@xxxxxxxxxx writes:
 > There's very little Sprint content in this message, other than it
 > explains what I did instead of going to the Eastern rallye this week.
 > Accompanying pictures are at http://www.erf.net/~brd/photos/subaru_head/

Damn Brian, if you didn't wanna come, ya just could have said, "no thanks".
You didn't have to go thru all this trouble just to get out of going :)  Just
kidding.  Glad to hear everything went back together ok.  I hope you got your
seal changed too, noticed that wasn't mentioned.

Steven "Dirty Dawg" Kohlscheen

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