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Re: [ST] Triumph exhausts

On Sat, 10 Aug 2002, Bill and Julie Wilkin wrote:

>     All this talk about exhaust cans has reminded me that i really should
> fit up a better can as the standard one is way too quiet. I'm thinking of
> getting the stainless race can that triumph makes......so all you guys that
> have one fitted.....did you notice an increase in fuel consumption? any
> increase in power? how loud is the thing? and lastly i noticed a comment in
> the archives that the can has somthing like "offroad use only" stamped on
> it, is this right? I'd say it'll cause some problems with insurance if thats
> the case.

My ST came with the stainless Triumph performance can.  Not overly loud,
great sound IMHO.  I hate loud pipes for loudness sake.  Last few trips
I've noted about 48-52 mpg, have approx. 19k on bike. 

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