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Re: [ST] Engine cut-off switch

Karl Bareth wrote:

>flipping through the manual this morning, I came across a note saying that
one ought
>to have the emergency switches off after killing the engine with the key,
>this may cause damage to battery etc. So apparently you could to kill the
engine first
>with the ignition key, then flip the emrgency switch into the "off"
position, starting
>the engine would be reverse.

You should stop the engine with the key, then wait 30 seconds, because it
allows the electronic control unit to take various measurements after the
engine stops, to allow the engine to start smoothly next time.

If you stop the engine with the kill switch, or you stop it with the key and
then hit the kill switch within the 30 seconds, power to the ECU is
disconnected and the ECU doesn't have the chance to take these measurements,
so next time you start, you may get rough running.  If so, it should cure
the problem if you turn the engine off again with the key, wait 30 seconds
and restart.

Your quote from the manual seems to suggest that the manual recommends using
both the key and the kill switch to stop the bike, but I think most people
use only the key and leave the bike for weeks without any problems such as
drained batteries.

Theoretically, I suppose stopping the engine with the kill switch could
cause voltage spikes and damage the ECU, but I don't think anyone on the
list has ever reported this.  Quite a few people - including me - have had
trouble starting and then realised they had hit the kill switch by mistake!


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