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[ST] Vibration & wrong tune


I'm having a vibration problem w/ my RS lately.  I really never paid 
attention to vibration before, but ever since I switch to the triumph race 
can (which I got used) and an 18t front sprocket, I have noticed a ton of 
vibration through the footpegs, tank, seat, and handlebars (from most to 
least).  Now, my real question is this: will having the wrong tune damage 
the engine?  When I first put the exhaust on, the dealer accidentally loaded 
the wrong tune.  I'm not sure what tune they loaded, it might have just been 
the stock tune again.  I kept an eye to make sure it didn't overheat....and 
it didn't.  The dealer says they compared my bike to one on the showroom and 
they both have the same vibration.  Heck, I thought my bike was pretty 
smooth when I bought it.  It's a 2000, only 2700 miles, with over a year of 
warranty left.  Advice?


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