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[ST] RE: RE: Mesh riding jackets, JR Santa Fe

I tried the JR Santa Fe (sp) and did not care for it.  The Santa Fe has a
mesh body, although not as open as the Phoenix and perforated leather arms.
It has built in back, shoulder and elbow armor.  The fit was great and the
look even better.  A bit of a shake after I put the jacket on and everything
fell into place and seemed like it would stay there.  I liked the look
better than the Phoenix.  I dont like the lumpy appearance the armor gives
the Phoenix.  The Santa Fe has another layer of mesh over the armor which
gives it a more finished appearance.

What I didn't like was its function.  The jacket was actually hotter while I
was moving down the expressway than the old semi-vented leather jacket I
currently wear.  The leather balloons up a bit while I ride and provide good
air flow through the two small vents.  The mesh in the Santa Fe stuck to my
chest and belly and actually seemed to trap the heat, this was on a 95 deg
day.  It also felt too cold in the morning on the way to work, 70 deg.  No
vents to close to keep the cold air out.  Now I will admit the Santa Fe was
cooler in the heat when I was stopped.  The mesh lets just a hint of air
through while stopped and I could tell the difference.

I also didn't like the perforated leather on the Santa Fe.  Boy, talk about
your thin fashion leather.  I do believe my denim jacket would hold up
longer than the leather sleeves on this thing.  And believe it or not, the
Santa Fe made my helmet vibrate.  The collar seemed to trap the air and
direct it up into the back of my helmet.  At about 60 to 80 MPH the whole
thing would start to thump hard enough to give me a headache and blur my
vision.  I would pull the collar forward and it would stop for awhile until
the wind pushed the collar back to its normal position.

Anyway, the Santa Fe went back to the store.  I have a new better vented
jacket on order from a place called Jammin Leather.  No armor, but the pants
I bought from them a year ago seem of good quality and the price is right.  




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