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Re: [ST] RE: [ST] Re: Laugh or Cry / lane splitting

Many large metropolitan areas in the States have an extra lane for each
direction of travel. This lane is typically to the inside, or middle
(median) of the motorway (highway, super slab, etc.). Here in Phoenix,
Arizona, travel in this extra lane is restricted, between the hours of 6-9AM
& 3-7PM, to Heavily Overloaded Vehicles. Just kidding, that's High Occupancy
Vehicles, which means a minimum of two people, and even infants seem to
count, although the intent is to accommodate, and show favoritism to,
carpoolers, vanpoolers and busses. That courtesy is also extended to a solo
rider on a motorcycle.

Scottsdale, AZ
'00 RS, miss me yellow

On 8/14/02 2:27 PM, "Mike Bostock" <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> In your message regarding Re: [ST] RE: [ST] Re: Laugh or Cry / lane splitting
> dated Wed, 14 Aug 2002 11:04:41 -0700, Just Daetrin said that ...
>> JD-  Which is another good reason to encourage HOV lanes.  If they were more
>> JD-  ubiquitious then there'd be less reason to lane split.
>> JD-  
>> JD-  Having access to them (HOV lanes are common here in Seattle) is IMHO one
>> of 
>> JD-  the key benefits of having a motorcycle.
>>> At least bikes get to ride in the (few) HOV lanes here.
> Excuse my ignorance, I'm a Brit, what's an HOV lane?

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