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Re: [ST] RE: Triumph "special" tools

> A lot of this attitude is bolstered, or forced -
> depending on your
> perspective, by the European Union/Commission, which
> is, as we speak,
> forging legislation to prevent customisation of
> vehicles and to prevent
> unqualified fettling of them. One's only to read
> through the editorial of a
> British Motorcyclists' Federation (BMF) magazine to
> appreciate the work they
> (and MAG for that matter) are doing to try to arrest
> this insidious
> constraint on our freedom, to realise the storm
> clouds that're brewing...

I've heard of something similar in the USA.  I've not
read anything about it that would be official, so it
is hearsay as well.  I've been told there was proposed
legislation to require the crushing of cars over 20
(?) years old when/if they were traded in or sold. 
This was 'for the children' and to prevent the
polution older motors generate.  This would make it
impossible to legally sell a 'fixer-upper' classic car
to someone.

I think the issue either died, or never existed.  I've
not heard anything about this in quite some time.

> A salutary case in point (hearsay - so apologies if
> the details are
> inaccurate in any way) is that high-end Yamahas use
> front brake calliper
> mounting bolts that can only be used once, resulting
> in something like a GPB
> 40 one-off cost for calliper removal!! Just a small
> step in helping to
> discourage the home mechanic... ~:(

Hmmm.  I dont understand how this would discourage the
home mechanic, just make them be SURE they want to
remove the calipers before they actually did so.  Not
sure what shops are like in the UK, but here in the US
the owner would get billed for those bolts if the shop
took the calipers off, so either way the owner is
paying for it...not much benefit of taking in to the
'pro' at the shop.

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