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[ST] givi wingrack mounting?

Just curious if anyone out there has a Givi WingRack
on their ST?  If so, how'd you mount it?  

I've thought about the thunderbike kit (link from the
list webisite), but cant help but think I can do as
good or better for less or the same money, even if I
make my own.

I've got a basic idea on what I need to do (and how I
plan to do it) based on someone else who has a Givi
WingRack mounted to their Honda Sabre, but am looking
for feedback and ideas from fellow Sprint ST owners. 
Obviously the points the 'kit' mounts to are different
between his bike and a Sprint.  He made his own
mounting kit and it appears to be one of the sturiest
things ever created by mankind.

I dont think the RS is similar enough, but if any RS
owners out there have done something like this, I'd
gladly accept info/feedback from you guy too.

Ben Snyder
Columbus, OH
'01 ST Tornado Red
     highlighted with dirt and other earth tones

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