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Re: [ST] squids

On Thursday, August 15, 2002, at 06:43 AM, Tom Emberson wrote:

> Teen dies while giving 'finger' to pursuing cops
> KAMEOKA, Kyoto

having bought my first bike in Japan, I have some good bosozoku 

generally, each bosozoku (which means "running wild tribe") member's 
bike consists of stolen parts, often arranged creatively (eg headlight 
8 feet off the ground), they run in packs, usually 2 or 3 to the bike 
(or scooter), and consider taunting / outrunning the police to be part 
of the life (much easier to lose the police in Japan -- lots of 
cross-streets, narrow lanes, bizarre intersections (5-6 ways to go), 
not that many cops in cars, no pursuit helicopters).

They're also more prevalent out in the sticks for some reason, but when 
in town they like to cruise at 15-20MPH, revving their engines 
together, at 3 in the morning (pretty much the same level of behavior 
as US HD riders putting in straight pipes, but let's not go there). 
They make themselves heard a mile or so away.

given the narrowness and inflexibility of the Japanese college system 
(can't easily change majors, can't transfer between schools, 2 year 
schools are private and expensive, infamous competition for the few 
name schools (which generally suck as educational institutions)), I'd 
probably be doing the bosozoku thing if I were Japanese out in the 
sticks too.

Their entire life is one big middle finger to the establishment.


'02 BRG ST
['86 Honda CBR400F]

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