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Re: [ST] RE: Triumph "special" tools

On Thu, 15 Aug 2002, danch wrote:

> Thomas Emberson said:
> > Seriously, how in the f can you reduce CO2 emisions, For some 
> > reason I was under the belief that when petrol was burned 
> > cleanly, the 2 main products where H2O and CO2? Or am I wrong 
> > somewhere?
> > 
> Far as I know. Matter of fact, pretty much anything we're likely to burn 
> in an internal combustion engine (save pure hydrogen, a pressure tank of 
> which is something I really don't want between my legs) is a hydrocarbon 
> of some sort and will produce the same waste products. The only way I 
> can see (although I'm not a chemist) to reduce the proportion of CO2 
> would be to burn something with a higher proportion of hydrogen to 
> carbon. What mixes that might be I'm not sure. 'Course, then you get 
> drives to more complete combustion, which in laymans terms means running 
> bloody lean as all hell.


This might be incredibly synical, but I have to wonder if a couple
of nerds told a politician, hey, why don't you limit CO2, just
as a joke. They probably walked away laughing under their breath.

Too bad the idiots^H^H^H^H^Hpoliticials took them seriously. Wish
I had the link, but somewhere I remember reading that the department
of the CA goverment that figures out the regs was in danger of being
eliminating since the federal system was catching up. So I guess
the CO2 limits where their way to ensure their jobs^H^H^H^Hrelivance
would continue.

See, I can be a good american, less government is good, inforce the
laws we have, don't make new ones ........


 Thomas Emberson
 '01 BRG Sprint ST (last count 14 months old, 21,400 miles)
 '00 Yamaha WR400F
 sold: '98 ZX6e, '99 ZX9r, '95 EX500

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