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Re: [ST] offside usage

In your message regarding [ST] offside usage dated Fri, 16 Aug 2002
10:02:22 +0100, Glyn Nelson said that ...

>GN-  From: "Mike Bostock" <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>GN-  Subject: [ST] Offside usage (Non ST but m/c in general)
>GN-  I'm not aware that traffic weaving is illegal, although I'm sure that if an
>GN-  incidence could be classed as dangerous driving the police would treat it
>GN-  as such.  

In this instance I merely referring to the practice of
straight-lining through a series of bends where visibility allowed
this to be done with safety.

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Mike Bostock
Wales and SW ST Riders

'99 Red ST

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