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Re: [ST] Vibration & wrong tune

>>Do you have the correct FI mapping?  Are your motor mount bolts properly 
>Yeah, the dealer loaded the correct tune (so they say) when the put the 
>stock can back on.  They also checked all the engine mount bolts.  I only 
>checked the ones I replaced with the frame sliders.

Your vibrations sound worse than mine, but it is interesting that we both 
have the same sliders installed.  The guy that installed them warned me that 
I might notice more vibes -- and maybe it is just my impressionable mind 
that is feeling them now.  Sure makes my SV650 seem smooth, though, in 
comparison to the RS.

As a test, you could re-install the stock bolts and see if it changes 

I'd also look at trying a different tune.  I formerly had tune 10, but 
recently changed to 12.

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